Premier – Light Leaks for Violincello and Electronics

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Light Leaks¬†represents the aesthetic parallel to that in analog film photography where bits of light seep into a camera, exposing the film and impressing streaks of color into the image. Electronics are used to enhance the analog “image” of cello sounds, blending overtones and colors unfamiliar to the instrument to create a sonically effected listening experience.

Performance by cellist Melissa Wilson as part of her graduate recital at Boise State University.

April 6, 2013
Admission free / public
@ the Morrison Center Recital Hall in Boise, ID

Northwestern Suite

A three-movement trio for guitar, cello, and double bass. Each movement represents my personal impression of the environments of northern California, mid-eastern Idaho, and northern rural Nevada respectively.

Performed at the Morrison Center Recital Hall in Boise, ID on May 5, 2012.